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Bible Resource Library

A Free Library for Bible Study. Webmaster Pastor David Cox. These Christian Reference books are for free download, pdf, and rar.


Bibliology is the study of the Bible as a unit and individual parts. Typically Inspiration, authority, the can, etc. are included here.

Bibliology Analogy of the Faith Apocrypha
    Analogy of the Faith Apparent Contradictions Authority Bible Canon Bible inspiration Bible Study Methods
    • Idx: Bible Study Methods
      Idx: Bible Study Methods The Bible Study Index presents resources that explain how to study the Bible.
    Divine Origen
      Divine Revelation Guidance Inerrant-Plenary-Trustworthy Interpretation
      • Idx: Hermeneutics (Bible Interpretation)
        Idx: Hermeneutics (Bible Interpretation) The Hermeneutics Index deals with works that explain how to correctly interpret the Bible, as well as analyzing and condemning incorrect methods.
      • Beet – A key to Unlock the Bible
        This work is an old work, PDF from 1903. Beet writes about a key to unlock the Bible, which is basically concepts about the authority and inspiration of Scripture.
      • Epp-Rightly Dividing the Word
        Epp's work is a grand global viewpoint of Scripture, in which he gives us a biblical point of view (according to Epp) on how one should interpret Scripture. This embodies a dispensation viewpoint.
      • Hagler – Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
        Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth is Tom Hagler's point of view about how to interpret the Bible correctly, which is most probably primitive Baptist, and/or Reformed.
      • Fawcett Christ Precious to Those Who Believe
        This is a 5 chapter work by Fawcett (a Baptist pastor) in which he examines 1 Peter 2:7, stating that Christ is precious to every believer. Note that there are anomalies in the numbering of the sections, and I do not know if this work is complete or not.
      • Pink Attributes of God, The
        Pink Attributes of God
      • Nelson – Hack your Christianity
        Nelson Hack your Christianity goes through your spiritual life for those in the computer generation. These hacks are both spiritual and tangible (using telephones and such for your spiritual welfare).
      • Bonar, H. – Truth and Error
        This is an 8 chapter work on election and predestination.
      • Pink A Study of Dispensationalism #5
        A Study of Dispensationalism by Arthur Pink is a review of this doctrine by Pink, Reformed Baptist.
      • 101 Questions for Campbellites (Church of Christ)
        This is a short work on Campbellites or the Church of Christ or the Disciples of Christ.
      • Graves – The Biography of Satan
        Biography of Satan is an older work on Satan, hell, demons, etc. focusing on the spiritual war between heaven and hell, God and Satan. Graves surveys many related topics presenting both biblical thoughts and passages on these issues as well as the pertinent secular thoughts and history of these concepts. This work is not a biblical exposition on the topics, but really a mesh between the biblical and the secular thoughts.
      • Reed, D. Allen – Fundamental Doctrines of the Bible
        Fundamental Doctrines of the Bible is in 4 parts, God, Man, Sin and Redemption. 30pgs
      • Stalker The Life of St. Paul
        In this classic work Life of St. Paul by Stalker (Presbyterian), he examines various aspects of the Life of Saint Paul: His place in history, God's preparation of Paul, his conversion, his gospel, his work, his missionary travels, his writings and character, what is a Pauline church? and his great controversy.
      • Pierce, S.E. – Riches of Divine Grace
        This is a 12 chapter work on Grace.
      Perpiscuity Preservation Pseudography
        Purity of Original Text Sufficiency
        • Idx: Sufficiency of Scripture
          Sufficiency of Scripture By sufficiency we mean that the Bible is sufficient or all we need in order to be saved and live a life pleasing to God.
        Textual Criticism Versions-Translations