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Bible Resource Library

A Free Library for Bible Study. Webmaster Pastor David Cox. These Christian Reference books are for free download, pdf, and rar.


  • Rice – Prayer Asking and Receiving
    John R. Rice's work on prayer, Asking and Receiving, is a short 25 page book on the basics of prayer.
  • Bounds – Praying Pulpit begets a Praying Pew
    Praying Pulpit begets a Praying Pew is a single chapter work on prayer in the pulpit causing prayer in the pew.
  • Barth – Prayer and Preaching
    This is a work on Prayer as it relates to the preaching ministry, that of the minister in the pulpit.
  • Bounds – Essentials of Prayer, The
    This is a 12 chapter devotional work by E.M. Bounds on prayer. It looks at the essentials of prayer: Prayer Takes In the Whole Man, Prayer and Humility, Prayer and Devotion, Prayer, Praise, and Thanksgiving, Prayer and Trouble, Prayer and Trouble (continued), Prayer and God’s Work, Prayer and Consecration, Prayer and a Definite Religious Standard, Prayer Born of Compassion, Concerted Prayer, and Prayer and Missions.
  • Bounds – A Praying Ministry Successful
    This is an online book about prayer and the ministry by E.M. Bounds. His desire is to make prayer in the ministry successful. Excellent Book!
  • Bounds – Devotion: The Heart of Prayer
    A study by E.M Bounds on Prayer, what is it, what is the heart of Prayer.