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A Free Library for Bible Study. Webmaster Pastor David Cox. These Christian Reference books are for free download, pdf, and rar.


Church Studies

Church Baptism
  • Younce, M. – A Biblical Examination of Baptism
    In this 12 chapter work on Water Baptism by Pastor Max Younce, he examines many issues in baptism. First he deals with infant baptism, the baptism for salvation, who is to administer the ordinances of Baptism, the mode of baptism, was baptism prior to salvation, various baptisms in Scripture, baptism in its order, and several other chapters.
  • Doskocil – Is Our Understanding of Baptism All Wet?
    Is our understanding of Baptism all wet? is a short 12 page work about understanding the terms for baptism in the New Testament.
  • Allnat, F.J.B. – Studies in Soul Tending
    A work on pastoring other people's souls, or the pastoral ministry. I believe he is Anglican.
  • Towns 154 Steps to Revitalize your Sunday School

    Towns 154 Steps to Revitalize your Sunday School is a pdf book by author Elmer Towns about how to revitalize your Sunday School program.

  • Abbott The Christian Ministry
    In Abbott The Christian Ministry Abbott examines the fundamental faiths of the ministry, the function of the ministry, the authority of the ministry, the individual message of the ministry, the social message of the ministry, the minister as priest, qualifications of the minister, some ministers of olden time, the ministry of Jesus Christ (His Methods), and (the Substance of His teaching).
  • Nelson – Does Character Matter anymore in the Ministry?
    This work is an examination of modern ethics in the ministry set against what the Bible proposes. It attacks what is wrong in many modern ministries.