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Candlish R The Atonement

Posted by David Cox on June 28, 2023
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Candlish R The Atonement is a short 3 chapter work on the Atonement. or the appeasing of God’s wrath by the death of Jesus Christ.

“The Atonement” (1861)
By Robert Candlish
This is a short 3 chapter work on the Atonement.
Chapter One – The Question Viewed in its Relation to Human Systems and Methods of Scriptural Proof
Chapter Two – The Westminster Standards and the Relation Between Atonement and Faith.
Chapter Three – Method of Scriptural Proof, Classification of Texts Usually Alleged Against the Calvinistic Doctrine

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Smith Theology of Charles Finney

Posted by David Cox on February 25, 2023
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Smith Theology of Charles Finney

Theology of Charles Finney:
A System of Self-Reformation
By Jay Smith
An article of 28 pages from Trinity Journal
232 footnotes

Smith’s work, Theology of Charles Finney, A System of Self-Reformation, examines Finney’s theology from a Reformed-Calvinist point of view.

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idx: Death of Christ

Posted by David Cox on November 29, 2022
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idx: Death of Christ

Prophecies of the Cross

Elements of Crucifixion Week-Resurrection

Events preceding the Cross

Passion Week