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Boettner, L. – The Significance of Christ’s Death

Posted by David Cox on January 1, 2023
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The Significance of Christ’s Death

By Loraine Boettner

If we compare the manner in which the service of the world’s greatest men have been rendered, and that in which Christ’s work of redemption was rendered, we are immediately impressed with an outstanding contrast. While the service of men is rendered during their lifetime, and while Christ too, for that matter, lived a life of unparalleled service, the climax of His work came at its very close, and our salvation is ascribed pre-eminently to His suffering and death.

Practically all of the material recorded in the Gospels has to do with the events which occurred during the last three years of His life, and approximately one-third of the material has to do with the events of the last week, commonly known as Passion Week. The prominence thus given to the closing scenes indicates very clearly that the distinctive work of Our Lord was accomplished not by His life but by His death. Neither His example nor His teaching reveals the love and mercy and justice of God so convincingly as does His death; and consequently the cross has becomeparexcellence of the Christian symbol. Read more

idx: Death of Christ

Posted by David Cox on November 29, 2022
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idx: Death of Christ

Prophecies of the Cross

Elements of Crucifixion Week-Resurrection

Events preceding the Cross

Passion Week

idx: Christology

Posted by David Cox on March 27, 2019
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General Works on Christology

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