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Wright, B.J. – Jesus as Θεός (God): A Textual Examination

Posted by David Cox on March 17, 2023
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Jesus as Θεός (God): A Textual Examination

Study By: Brian J. Wright

Editor’s Note: This paper was originally given at the Evangelical Theological Society’s southwestern regional meeting, held at Southwestern Baptist Seminary on March 23, 2007. Brian was one of my interns for the 2006-07 school year at Dallas Seminary. He did an outstanding job in presenting the case that the original New Testament certainly affirmed the deity of Christ. — Daniel B. Wallace

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Direct Statements of Jesus’ Deity

Posted by David Cox on March 15, 2023
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Volume 2 ch. X
The Deity of Christ

by Professor Benjamin B. Warfield, D.D., LL.D.,
Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey

A recent writer has remarked that our assured conviction of the deity of Christ rests, not upon “proof-texts or passages, nor upon old arguments drawn from these, but upon the general fact of the whole manifestation of Jesus Christ, and of the whole impression left by Him upon the world.” The antithesis is too absolute, and possibly betrays an unwarranted distrust of the evidence of Scripture. To make it just, we should read the statement rather thus: Our conviction of the deity of Christ rests not alone on the Scriptural passages which assert it, but also on His entire impression on the world; or perhaps thus: Our conviction rests no more on the scriptural assertions than upon His entire manifestation. Both lines of evidence are valid; and when twisted together form an unbreakable cord. The proof-texts and passages do prove that Jesus was esteemed divine by those who companied with Him; that He esteemed Himself divine; that He was recognized as divine by those who were taught by the Spirit; that, in fine, He was divine. But over and above this Biblical evidence the impression Jesus has left upon the world bears independent testimony to His deity, and it may well be that to many minds this will seem the most conclusive of all its evidences. It certainly is very cogent and impressive.

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By Jonathan Edwards

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Torrey, R.A. – The Deity of Jesus Christ

Posted by David Cox on March 1, 2023
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The Deity of Jesus Christ

by R. A. Torrey

In this 8 Chapter work, Torrey presents us with the Divine names, attributes, and offices that are applied to Jesus. Other chapters are the equivalence of Jesus and Jehovah, the linkage between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Worship to be given to the Son, and incidental proofs.
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Bellarmine – The Seven Words on the Cross Bk1

Posted by David Cox on February 22, 2023
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The Seven Words on the Cross

The Seven Words on the Cross
St Robert Bellarmine

This is a very large and extensive work on Christ’s saying on the cross by Bellarmine (Catholic). Even though it is Catholic, it is a very notable work on Christ’s sayings, well worth examining when studying this topic. Bellarmine’s work is divided into two books, the first deals with the first first three sayings, and the second book with the last three sayings.

Nihil Obstat:
Censor Librorum

Archbishop of Baltimore

Bellarmine – The Seven Words on the Cross Bk2

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