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Nelson Is Joyce Meyer Word Of Faith

Posted by David Cox on July 27, 2022
Posted in NProsperity Gospel 

Nelson-Is Joyce Meyer Word Of Faith

By Shawn Nelson

This work is an examination of Joyce Meyer’s position, whether she is part of the Word of Faith movement or not. She answers these questions in an evasive manner so as to make people think she is not part of it when she is part of it.

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Nelson – How not to Study the Bible

Posted by David Cox on July 13, 2022
Posted in InterpretationN 

How not to Study the Bible

The Dangers of Looking for Deeper Meaning
by Shawn Nelson

Copyright © 2013 by Shawn Nelson.
Published by GeekyChristian.com, Temecula, CA. [email protected]

In this work by Shawn Nelson, he examines how to not go wild in finding hidden meanings in Scripture when the intent of God and the earthly writer was not to convey such non-sense.

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Newberry, T. – Types of the Tabernacle

Posted by David Cox on February 4, 2019
Posted in NOld Testament Histories 

[firstchapter:Title: Types of the Tabernacle] Types of the Tabernacle
By Thomas Newberry

This is a book of 24 sections (shorter than chapters) by Brethren Newberry about the Tabernacle and types in the Tabernacle. Read more

Nelson- Proof Evolution is False

Posted by David Cox on October 22, 2017
Posted in Creation-EvolutionN 

Proof Evolution is False

By Shawn Nelson

This is a short work on why evolution is false. What is the evidence of this?

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