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Brooks Touchstone of Sincerity

Posted by David Cox on October 26, 2022
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Brooks Touchstone of Sincerity is a book that looks at the Christian life contrasted with that of an hypocrite.

by Thomas Brooks

Contents of Brooks Touchstone of Sincerity

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Nelson – Hack your Christianity

Posted by David Cox on August 31, 2022
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How to Hack your Christianity

By Shawn Nelson

This work goes through your spiritual life for those in the computer generation. These hacks are both spiritual and tangible (using telephones and such for your spiritual welfare). Read more

Anderson, R. – The Silence of God Theodicy

Posted by David Cox on June 22, 2022
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The Silence of God Theodicy

Topic: The Silence of God Theodicy
By Sir Robert Anderson

Theodicy. This work is about when God is silent, the silence of God, which in theology it is theodicy. Why doesn’t God immediately vindicate his children.

Robert Anderson worked for Scotland Yard in England, and he was an excellent investigator. He was also a dispensation writer.

This work explains why God “doesn’t work like we would expect him to work.” This is theodicy.

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Basinger – Problem with the Problem of Evil

Posted by David Cox on June 15, 2022
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The Problem with the Problem of Evil

Problem with the Problem of Evil
Topic: Theodicy
By David and Randall Basinger

Problem of Evil. This is a 5 page article on the problem of Evil. How does evil exist within a world where an omnipotent God has all power, and his will is always done. This article was originally on http://www.biblical-theology.com.

This problem is an explanation of why evil exists in a world under an all powerful God. Although this is a difficult question to resolve, God does create some of his beings (angels and humans) with a free will, in which God allows that being to make decisions on their own, and specifically to obey God or disobey God.

After all is said and done, then God enters into judgment with that being on several bases. We know for sure that humans are judged on the basis of believing in Jesus Christ or not, and also they are judged on the amount of knowledge of God’s will they knew, biased by how much was available to them during their life. Seeking God’s will, seeking to know what it is, seeking to understand it, seems to be a very powerful factor in God heaping more and more judgment on a person, and God not judging a person so sternly.

Another factor is repentance from committed sins, and a turning to God. This also would allow a person to “find God’s will” easier, and God seeking to help that person understand.

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