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Pink A Study of Dispensationalism #5

Posted by David Cox on January 26, 2023
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A Study of Dispensationalism
by A.W. Pink

Chapter 5

In these articles we are seeking to show the use which believers should make of God’s Word: or more particularly, how that it is both their privilege and their duty to receive the whole of it as addressed immediately unto themselves, and to turn the same unto practical account, by appropriating its contents to their personal needs. The Bible is a book which calls not so much for the exertion of our intellect as it does for the exercise of our affections, conscience and will. God has given it to us not for our entertainment but for our education, to make known what He requires from us. It is to be the traveler’s guide as he journeys through the maze of this world, the mariner’s chart as he sails the sea of life. Therefore, whenever we open the Bible, the all-important consideration for each of us to keep before him is, What is there here for me today? What bearing does the passage now before me have upon my present case and circumstances—what warning, what encouragement, what information? What instruction is there to direct me in the management of my business, to guide me in the ordering of my domestic and social affairs, to promote a closer walking with God?

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Doskocil – Is Our Understanding of Baptism All Wet?

Posted by David Cox on January 7, 2023
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Is Our Understanding of Baptism All Wet?
By Brad Doskocil

Is our understanding of Baptism all wet? is a short 12 page work about understanding the terms for baptism in the New Testament.

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Meyers – A Good Start

Posted by David Cox on December 22, 2022
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Meyers – A Good Start

THE chapters in this little book might be called “Work-a-day Sermons.” They are intended to bring the highest principles of our holy religion to bear on the practical business of every-day life.

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