101 Questions for Campbellites

By A. A. Davis

From the editor–David Cox

I find this study really pathetic to be truthful. There are doctrinal questions that the Church of Christ answers incorrectly, against Scripture. Davis really has done little to help clarify these points. I have found several rebuttals to this present work, but by Church of Christ, and I am not so sure that they are any better at clarifying the issues. I would recommend that you study my work here (Campbellism, Church of Christ) instead of this present work by Davis. 

A.A. Davis was pastor of First Baptist Church of Nowata, OK USA. This list of questions for Campbellites is from , “The Baptist Story,” a book containing a series of sermons and other information about Baptist doctrine and history.

What are Campbellites? They are otherwise known as “The Church of Christ,” or “The Disciples of Christ,” and believe that Water Baptism is essential to salvation in Jesus Christ.
These questions call for careful study. They have been compiled after many years of hard work in defense of the Truth as it is in Christ Jesus. These questions have already been on the BLOCK of execution have seen the field of battle and have emerged victorious in every skirmish. Joint Debate, private discussion, individual Bible study, these questions have raised in every arena. Let the

Baptists never fear the result – simply ask the question and listen to the answers.

101 Questions for Campbellites (Church of Christ)

1. Are YOU saved or Lost? See I Cor. 1:13. Rom 8:1.
2. If saved, IS the love of God in YOUR HEART? See Rom. 5:5.
3. If Saved, ARE you Born of God? I John 5:1
4. If Saved, Is Christ in You? Col. 1:27; 2 Cor. 13:5.
5. If you are Born of God, ARE you a Child of God? John 1:12; Rom. 8:16.
6. If a Child of God, do YOU have Eternal Life? John 10:27, 28.
7. Is Baptism a PART of the Gospel? I Cor. 1.17
8. Could a man without ARMS and Legs preach the Gospel Paul preached?
9. What is the Gospel Paul Preached? I Cor. 15:1-3.
10. Do you preach the Gospel Paul preached? Cor. 1:17 Rom. 1:16, 17; I Cor. 2:2.
11. Is Baptism an act of SOVEREIGN GRACE performed by God or is it an act of righteousness on man’s part? Matt. 3:15; Titus 3:5.
12. Were you redeemed by the precious waters of Baptism or by the precious BLOOD of Jesus Christ? I Peter 1 :18,19.
13. If Baptism LITERALLY puts one IN CHRIST, What act LITERALLY puts CHRIST in You? 2 Cor. 13:5; Col. 1:27; Rom. 3:24,25.
14. Did Jesus Christ know the plan of Salvation? John 14:6.
15. Did Christ at any time or place personally tell a sinner to be baptized FOR or In ORDER to the Remission of Sin? If so WHEN and WHERE?
16. Did Christ personally, at any time or place say to anyone, He That is Baptized not shall be damned?
17. Is that Statement: HE THAT IS BAPTIZED NOT SHALL BE DAMNED, to be found anywhere in the Bible? If so . . . Where????
18. Do you and your brethren, self-styled CHURCH OF CHRIST, not preach and teach, in word, precept and effect, that “HE THAT IS BAPTIZED NOT SHALL BE DAMNED”?
19. Do you not further pollute your own imaginary scripture by inserting TWO imaginary requirements: (1) That it must be administered by a Church of Christ preacher, and (2) that when the candidate goes under the water, he MUST BELIEVE that act is for OR IN ORDER TO THE REMISSION OF HIS SINS????
20. Do you not reject Baptist Baptism because of the absence of these two points????
21. Since you and your brethren ADMITTEDLY preach and teach the above doctrine, in word and deed, and since such statement can not be found in the Scriptures. He That is Baptized not shall be damned, Is it NOT TRUE that you teach a doctrine that IS NOT in the Scriptures?
22. You, furthermore, proclaim, your motto: Where the Bible speaks we speak, where the Bible is silent, we are silent: WHY DON’T YOU REMAIN SILENT ON ABOVE DOCTRINE”. “He that is Baptized not shall be damned”, BE SILENT, SUCH statement is NOT IN THE BIBLE.
23. Since your entire approach is builded on an imaginary scripture which does not exist, your every effort is made to twist other scriptures and compel THEM to MEAN your Imaginary Scripture. NOW IS THIS STATEMENT FOUND IN THE BIBLE: “He that believeth not shall be damned”? Baptists preach that exactly as listed. DO BAPTISTS PREACH WHAT IS IN THE BIBLE? Now watch him twist.
24. Is there an instance in the Bible where a sinner was saved without Baptism? Acts 15:9; Luke 7:48; I John 5:4; Acts 26:18; Eph. 1:11-13.
25. Is Baptism a command to and for the Saved or Unsaved? Which? Remember there is only ONE BAPTISM !
26. If to the UNSAVED are not the unsaved UNBORN OF GOD? Now, do you give commands to your child BEFORE IT IS BORN or AFTER it is born? Can an UNBORN child obey a parent?
27. Do you and your Brethren not teach that the COMMANDS of God are given to the UNBORN and that they, the commands are but instruments BY WHICH the UNBORN can obtain BIRTH?
28. You boast of LOGIC -where is there any LOGIC to this matter?
29. If you say -Baptism is a command for the SAVED – you find yourself in the BAPTIST position, EXACTLY This you do not teach or believe. See Acts 2:41. WHO was baptized here?
30. Do you and your Brethren not also teach and believe- that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God until after His Baptism?
31. Whose Son was He in BETHLEHEM’S MANGER?
32. Is not the sum of your doctrine simply this: He that lives Closest to the creek, lives closest to the Lord? He that lives furthest from the creek, lives furtherest from the Lord? Does this not place the DESERT dwellers at a distinct disadvantage? Then a Man’s Salvation would be simple or difficult according to his GEOGRAPHICAL location? Does this sound like Jesus Christ in John 3:16?
33. Are the FAMILY of God, the KINGDOM OF GOD and the CHURCH OF GOD ALL one and the SAME ???
34. Do all who belong to the family of God also belong to the Church of God?
35. Did God have a family before Pentecost?
36. Then is it now possible to become a member of the family of God and not become a member of the Church at the same time?
37. When and How did Jesus become a member of the Church of Christ?
38. When and How did the Apostles become members of the Church of Christ?
39. Was John’s Baptism, Christian Baptism?
40. Who Baptized Jesus Christ?
41. Did Jesus Christ have Christian Baptism?
42. Have you received the same kind of Baptism, Jesus and the Apostles received?
43. Is Jesus Christ the Head of the Church of Christ?
44. Since the Head of the Church received ONLY John’s Baptism, is not John’s Baptism, Christian Baptism?
45. Or Has the Head of the Church received one KIND of Baptism and the Church altogether another Kind?
46. Alexander Campbell received BAPTIST BAPTISM, and died with it. Did he go to heaven or hell? Campbell never did repudiate this baptism by a Baptist preacher, was he saved or lost?
47. What kind of Baptism did the Apostles receive? Were they saved or Lost?
48. What kind of Baptism did these Disciples who were baptized by the Apostles on the authority of Christ during his personal ministry receive? John 4:1-2. Were they saved or Lost? Was this before Pentecost?
49. How was Abraham Saved? David? Enoch? John the Baptist? The Virgin Mary? The Demoniac of Gedara? The Penitent thief?”
50. How were sinners saved between the Crucifixion of Christ and the Day of Pentecost?
51. How is Abraham the FATHER of the FAITHFUL when he was not Baptized by a Campbellite preacher?
52. Since the same FAITH dwelled in Timothy, his Mother and his Grandmother, were they not all saved alike?
53. Who preached the Gospel to Abraham? Galatians 3:8.
54. What Prophet in the Old Testament prophesied of BAPTISM?
55. Did Peter preach to Cornelius that all the prophets bore witness to the fact that whosoever believeth in Him shall receive remission of sin? Acts 10:43. Do you believe what Peter said?
56. If Peter preached Baptism, FOR or IN ORDER TO REMISSION OF SIN in Acts 2:38, why did he not preach the same thing to Cornelius in Acts 10:42,43?
57. In your sugar text which you yourself do not understand (Acts 2:38) how many words BETWEEN the word BAPTISM and the word REMISSION? You will have to cut 11 words out of your text before you can JOIN BAPTISM TO REMISSION OF SIN. What means these 11 words – which you and your brethren always avoid?
58. What is the Greek Word translated or rather Anglicized into the word Christ in Acts 2:38? Why don’t you put the exact Greek word in the text and then read Acts 2:38 to your people and quit making a childish play on the preposition FOR? When you do this you find complete harmony with Acts 10:43 and John 3:16 -Just a little kink right here give the people the original there- you won’t have to notice the preposition so technically.
59. Does the word WATER as used in John 3:5 mean Baptism? Why didn’t Christ say what he meant to say? If he really meant Baptism -when he said water- by the same reasoning – He evidently meant Baptism in the next Chapter (John 4:7-15). Read again the story of the Woman at the well -substitute the word Baptism for Water everywhere it is found in the story exactly as you substitute the word Baptism for water in John 3:5- see what a story you make. False Doctrines always lead to muddy water. Where the Bible speaks -we speak.
60. The sermon to Nicodemus was BEFORE Pentecost- Did Christ jump the gun by preaching to him when Pentecost had not come.
61. Is the term “CHURCH OF GOD” a Scriptural term?
62. Do you recognize people who call themselves CHURCH OF GOD?
63. Does wearing a Scriptural NAME alone mean that BODY is a Scriptural Body? Upon that grounds do you refuse to recognize the Holiness people who call themselves by the name CHURCH OF GOD?
64. If those people are going to Hell in spite of their name (According to your doctrine they are all lost), Then it will take MORE THAN A BIBLE name to save them -will it not?
65. If it takes more than a BIBLE NAME to save the Holiness, this they will admit: Will it take more than a Bible name to save you? Will you admit it?
66. Were the Converts and Disciples called CHRISTIANS on the Day of Pentecost? Were they saved? The Antioch Believers (Acts 11:26) were first to be called CHRISTIANS (10 years after Pentecost). Were the Antioch Believers any more saved than the Pentecost Believers? Did they call THEMSELVES Christians- or were they CALLED CHRISTIANS?
67. Did Jesus or His Apostles anywhere in the 4 Gospels use the word Christians? Did Jesus know what to call his Followers? If it is of Divine Origin-why did not the name Originate with Jesus the True Authority in matters of religion?
68. Did Jesus say to Nicodemus “Ye Must be born again” or did He say “Ye must be Baptized and wear the name Christian”, Which?
69. Were the members of “Church of God at Corinth” LOST because Paul failed to call them CHURCH OF CHRIST?
70. Is it possible for anyone to be a Believer who is a member of a church not called the CHURCH OF CHRIST?
71. Were these people lost who were members of the Church of God at Corinth?
72. Were there any Churches in the New Testament -not called by the name- CHURCH OF CHRIST? Were their members saved or lost?
73. Is the term THE CHURCH OF CHRIST found as a TITLE to any one CHURCH in the Bible anywhere? Give CASE AND NUMBER OF ROM. 16:16.
74. Where was your CHURCH OF CHRIST when Alexander Campbell was being baptized by a Baptist preacher?
75. Was Elder Luce, the Baptist preacher who Baptized Campbell, a Christian? Did Baptist Baptism put Alexander Campbell into the Church of Christ? If not, when and how did Campbell become a member of the Church of Christ?
76. If Baptist Baptism put Campbell INTO CHRIST and HIS CHURCH -why will not Baptist Baptism do the same for people today?
77. If Elder Luce did not Baptize Campbell INTO Christ when and where and HOW did Campbell ever get into Christ- since he died with Baptist Baptism, and never did repudiate it?
78. If Campbell wee baptized into the Church of Christ by Luce’s act, then was not the Church of Christ in fact already here?
80. Are you a member of the ORIGINAL GENUINE CHURCH OF CHRIST or the one that grew out of Campbell’s Reform movement? The Church of which Campbell was a member, he got in by BAPTIST BAPTISM. DO YOU HAVE THAT SAME BAPTISM? Then, if not, you do NOT BELONG to the original New Testament Church, but to the one that grew out of Campbell’s movement . . . SELAH.
81. Can you show in History anywhere on earth, a Church organized and operating as your self-styled Church of Christ operates today prior to 1826? Where was it located? What your authority? The scholarship of the world awaits your answer.
82. Where was YOUR CHURCH OF CHRIST from Pentecost until Campbell’s day? Almost 1800 years are unaccounted for. Where were YOU and your BRETHREN?
83. Is it not a fact the ANTI-ORGAN wing of Campbell’s movement split off a few years ago and got their younger set registered in Washington as THE CHURCH OF CHRIST?
84. All Historians trace the origin of your young set back through the organ-wing of the Campbellite Church, back to the days of Campbell, Walter Scott and Barton W. Stone. Can you trace your origin beyond this date? Are Historians all liars or just plain ignorant?
85. Your Doctrine of Church and Baptismal Salvation are both Fundamental doctrines. Did you know that the Catholics, the Mormons, the Jehovah Witnesses, and one Branch of the Holiness sect, are EXACTLY in harmony with you on these points? They tell the world the same story about Baptism and Church membership that you do — identical doctrines. Why don’t you fellowship these people?
86. Why don’t you tell your people the truth about the Music Question? What means the Greek Word PSALMOS or the Hebrew word MIZMOR? Read I Cor. 14:15, and define the words as you go. BOTH THESE WORDS MEAN “TO PLAY ON THE HARP OR OTHER STRINGED INSTRUMENT.” (Liddell and Scott, 28th. Ed. Clarendon Press, 1903) (Standard Lexicon of New Testament Greek, Souter, 1916) Would David be able to worship at your Church should he return to earth? If Musical Instruments are so sinful, why will a Trumpet be blown at the Resurrection Day? Will you rise and rebuke the BLOWER of the TRUMPET and refuse to fellowship HIM because he uses AN EVIL INSTRUMENT ON THAT SACRED OCCASION? Read Psalm 150 for a good tonic.
87. You loudly quote Mark 16:16 (First clause only), I don’t believe that you or your brethren really believe Mark 16:16, any of it. He that believeth and is Baptized shall be saved? Only 2 things are mentioned. ARE YOU GOING TO HEAVEN? Your answer is I DON’T KNOW. HOW MANY IF’S AND PROVISOS will you have to insert into Mark 16:16, before you will take it, At least five.
88. If you lose your present salvation, can you ever be saved a second time. Give a Chapter and verse for your answer.
89. If you are saved NOW but might become UNSAVED tomorrow, would it not be wise for God to let you DIE today?
90. In that case, would you not be outliving your salvation?
91. Will God let you live TOO LONG?
92. If He does, and you die and go to HELL, it is not God’s Fault?
93. How good will you have to be before God saves you?
94. Did Jesus Die to save SINNERS or GOOD PEOPLE?
95. If Baptism was essential to your FIRST Salvation is it not also essential to being saved a second time?
96. Name one person in the Bible who was saved a second time ?
97. Is not your entire program a matter of salvation by works?
98. Do you know the difference in WORKS and GRACE? In Works, one does something for God: In Grace, God does something for us. Which would you rather go out to eternity with? Something you did or something God did. Which would afford the greatest JOY?
99. Was Paul Thankful that God sent Him to preach only one part of the Gospel? 1 Cor. 1:17.
100. If Faith always includes and involves Baptism – as you preach it – why did the Holy Spirit use two different words – if they mean and include each other? Mark l6:16.
101. In Gal. 3:26, 27: “For Ye are ALL” (V. 26)
“For as many of you”- (V. 27). Do these two statements mean and include the same people? Had ALL the people in verse 26 become Children of God? Had ALL of them been baptized or AS MANY OF YOU aa had been baptized?
A. A. Davis, Nowata, Oklahoma

101 Questions for Campbellites (Church of Christ)

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