The Biography of Satan

By Kersey Graves

Biography of Satan is an older work on Satan, hell, demons, etc. focusing on the spiritual war between heaven and hell, God and Satan. Graves surveys many related topics presenting both biblical thoughts and passages on these issues as well as the pertinent secular thoughts and history of these concepts. This work is not a biblical exposition on the topics, but really a mesh between the biblical and the secular thoughts.

Contents of the Biography of Satan

FOREWORD. By Marshall J. Gauvin .. iii

I. Evils and Demoralizing Effects of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment … 19
II. Ancient Traditions Respecting the Origin of Evil and the Devil 25
III. A Wicked Devil and an Endless Hell not Taught in the Jewish Scriptures 29
IV. Explanation of the Words Devil and Hell in the Old Testament 36
V. God (and not the Devil) the Author of Evil According to the Bible 42
VI. God and the Devil Originally Twin-Brothers, and known by the same Titles 45
VII. Origin of the Terms, “Kingdom of Heaven,” “Gates of Hell,” etc.; also of the Tradition Respecting the Dragon Chasing the Woman, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, etc. 70

VIII. Hell First Instituted in the Skies. Its Origin and Descent from Above 78
IX. Origin of the Tradition of “The Bottomless Pit.” 80
X. Origin of the Belief in a Lake of Fire and Brimstone 82
XI. Where is Hell; Ancient Notions Respecting its Origin 87
XII. Origin of the Idea of Man’s Evil Thoughts being Prompted by a Devil 90
XIII. The Christian’s Devil, Where Imported or Borrowed from 94
XIV. The Punitive Terms of the Bible of Oriental Origin 97
XV. The Doctrine of After-Death Punishment Proved to be of Heathen and Priestly Origin 104
XVI.  Explanation of Hell, Hades, Tartarus; Infernus, Gehenna, and Tophet 115
XVII. One Hundred and Sixty-three Questions for Believers in Post Mortem Punishment 117

Origin of the Traditions Respecting “War in Heaven,” and an Explanation of the Terms Hell, Hades, Tartarus, Gehenna, Sheol, Valley of Hinnom, etc. 144
Index 151