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Brown Devil’s Mission of Amusement

Posted by David Cox on April 3, 2024
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Brown Devil’s Mission of Amusement is a short 7-page work on how Satan has introduced entertainment into the church to corrupt it.

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Brown The Devil’s Mission of Amusement

Posted by David Cox on March 13, 2024
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Brown The Devil’s Mission of Amusement, 7 page article from 1889. Hollywood in the church and her ministries.

Archibald Brown was a student and a contemporary of C.H. Spurgeon. Under Brown’s ministry, many were saved and instructed.

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Chafer – Satan

Posted by David Cox on May 26, 2023
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By Lewis Sperry Chafer

Summary of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s Satan

A 12 Chapter study on the person of Satan by L. S. Chafer (Dallas Seminary). Chapters run the Career of Satan, ages, course of this age, this age and the Satanic system, the Satanic Host, Satan’s motive and methods, the man of sin, the fatal omission, modern devices, the believer’s present position and present victory. Note: Some versions of this work in e-Sword and from other theWord repository sites leave out a chapter. I have included this extra chapter that they leave out, because I understand it is in the original work.

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Anon. – Satan and His Gospel

Posted by David Cox on April 1, 2023
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Satan and His Gospel

By Anonymous (Unkown)

Satan and His Gospel is a short work (16 pgs) that studies the person and “gospel” of Satan, what he wants mankind to believe instead of the true Gospel.

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