Smith Theology of Charles Finney

Theology of Charles Finney:
A System of Self-Reformation
By Jay Smith
An article of 28 pages from Trinity Journal
232 footnotes

Smith’s work, Theology of Charles Finney, A System of Self-Reformation, examines Finney’s theology from a Reformed-Calvinist point of view.

Contents of Smith Theology of Charles Finney

I. Influences Behind Finney’s Theology
A. Social and Cultural Influences
B. Theological and Philosophical Developments
C. Personal Influences
II. The context of Finney’s Theology
A. Finney’s Doctrine of Moral Depravity
B. Finney’s Doctrine of the Atonement
C. Finney’s Doctrine of Regeneration
D. Finney’s Doctrine of Natural Ability
E. Finney’s Doctrine of Faith
F. Finney’s Doctrine of Justification
G. Finney’s Doctrine of Sanctification
III. Results of Finney’s Theology
A. “New Measures”
B. Social Reform
IV. Conclusion

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