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A Free Library for Bible Study. Webmaster Pastor David Cox. These Christian Reference books are for free download, pdf, and rar.

Towns 154 Steps to Revitalize your Sunday School

Posted by David Cox on April 20, 2024
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Towns 154 Steps to Revitalize your Sunday School is a pdf book by author Elmer Towns about how to revitalize your Sunday School program.

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Burroughs Gospel Worship PDF

Posted by David Cox on March 16, 2024
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Burroughs Gospel Worship 14 chapters (263 pages) which are each a sermon on how to properly worship God.

Newly edited, modernized & corrected by Debi Cole

“Jeremiah Burroughs, in his classic book Gospel Worship, said, “The reason why we worship God in a slight way is because we do not see God in His glory.” Modern man hears about a God who isn’t worth worshiping. Why should he worship a God who wants to do good, but can’t pull it off because man just won’t cooperate? Who then is sovereign?
Man is!” – Don Kistler

Source: monergism.com

n this classic work, Puritan Jeremiah Burroughs gives 14 sermons on the regulative principle, meticulously explaining the right manner of approaching and worshiping God.

“Jeremiah Burroughs’ Gospel Worship has greatly influenced my understanding of biblical worship. It is one of the most important books I have ever read.”
–R.C. Sproul

“This treatise on Leviticus 10:1-3 is a call to propriety and sobriety in the worship of God. It deals with the believer’s sanctification through “three great ordinances”: (1) Hearing the Word, (2) Receiving the Lord’s Supper, and (3) Prayer In a day that promotes man-made forms of worship, Gospel Worship is a call to biblical worship of the Triune God though the means that He has instituted. Burroughs shows how important worship is to God and teaches us how to “give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name” (Ps. 29:2). He makes plain that we do not need new forms of worship to be relevant, but to renew old forms of worship.”
–Joel Beeke

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Stalker The Preacher and His Models

Posted by David Cox on March 15, 2024
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Stalker The Preacher and His Models Looks at the Preacher as a Man of God, a Patriot, a man of the Word, as a False Prophet, as a man, as a Christian, as an Apostle, and as a Thinker.

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Brown The Devil’s Mission of Amusement

Posted by David Cox on March 13, 2024
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Brown The Devil’s Mission of Amusement, 7 page article from 1889. Hollywood in the church and her ministries.

Archibald Brown was a student and a contemporary of C.H. Spurgeon. Under Brown’s ministry, many were saved and instructed.

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