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Anderson, R. – The Silence of God Theodicy

Posted by David Cox on December 30, 2022
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The Silence of God Theodicy

Topic: The Silence of God Theodicy
By Sir Robert Anderson

Theodicy. This work is about when God is silent, the silence of God, which in theology it is theodicy. Why doesn’t God immediately vindicate his children. Or why does God allow his children to suffer?

Robert Anderson worked for Scotland Yard in England, and he was an excellent investigator. He was also a dispensation writer.

This work explains why God “doesn’t work like we would expect him to work.” This is theodicy.

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Abbott The Christian Ministry

Posted by David Cox on November 30, 2022
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Abbott The Christian Ministry
by Lyman Abbott (1835-1922)

Bostonand New York
Houghton, Mifflin and Company

Copyright 1905 by Lyman Abbott
All Rights Reserved

Published May 1905

To the Christian Ministers who are attempting to impart that acquaintance with God which is the secret of life this volume is dedicated. Read more

Askwith Christian Conception of Holiness

Posted by David Cox on October 22, 2022
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The Christian Conception of Holiness

by Edward Harrison Askwith, M.A.


[Editor’s Notes: I have reformatted this book for ease in reading. I have moved all footnotes up into the actual text and put the footnote in brackets “[]”. I have tried to find all Greek and Hebrew words and phrases and reformatted the garbage text that the scanning process put it with Greek and Hebrew letters (but no vowel pointings). I have taken out all page breaks and replaced the page numbers and page break with “[CCH pg ##]” so that you can search on this phrase to find a specific page. There were a minor number of text scanning errors that I tried to correct, but probably didn’t find them all. None of the British spellings were corrected though. — David Cox Editor ] Read more

Abbott, L. – Christian Mother

Posted by David Cox on February 16, 2022
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Abbott-The Christian Mother
by John Abbott

Copyright 1833
Worcester, Mass.
Published by the American Tract Society.

This is a short work about the duties and responsibilities of a Christian mother.

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