Inspiration – Inspiration refers to the quality of Scripture being “God-breathed”, that is, that the Bible is actually a product of the mouth of God, it is the very words of God, and so it has a special quality that no other book has. Verbal Plenary – refers to the inspiration of the Bible, and has special reference to the extent of inspiration, it is not just the general concepts and general message that is inspired, but inspiration extends down to the very words, grammatical structure, forms, and technical aspects of the Bible, all of these were closely guarded by God when the Bible was humanly recorded so that these parts of words and speech are also inspired by God and without error, the very words God has divinely chosen to communicate to us.


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, Arthur – Evolution and scripture; or, the relation between the teaching of scripture and the conclusions of astronomy, geology and biology; with an inquiry into the nature of the scriptures and inspiration (1892) flipbook
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, William (1843-1920) – The Oracles of God: nine lectures on the nature and extent of biblical inspiration and on the special significance of the Old Testament scriptures at the present time, with two appendices (1894) flipbook
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