General Works on the Greek Language

In this page we give some links to various general studies on the Greek language.

  • Bruce, FF – 77pgs. Bruce deals with the NT Documents and their reliability as fas as being mentioned by secular writers, and their consistency with these secular evidences. This defends the authenticity of our Bible. Secular history supports and reinforces the Bible.” NT Documents Are they Reliable? 257K
  • Deissman, Adolf (1866-1937) The Philology of the Greek Bible: Its Present and Future
  • Hatch, Edwin (1835-1889) – Essays in Biblical Greek (1889)
  • Machen, J Gresham – NT Greek, J Gresham – A Brief Introduction 45K (5 pgs)
  • Machen, J Gresham – The Minister & His Greek Testament 41K (3 pgs)
  • Studies in Text of NT (b)
  • Thompson, J.F. – Methods in Greek (1906)
  • Tischendorf, von Constantin – Discovery of Sinaitic Manuscript 155K

Greek Language