Rightly Dividing the Word
A Study in the Dispensations

By Theodore Epp

Epp’s work is a grand global viewpoint of Scripture, in which he gives us a biblical point of view (according to Epp) on how one should interpret Scripture. This embodies a dispensation viewpoint.

Contents of Epp’s Rightly Dividing the Word

Gods Three Creative Acts: 4
Other Things God Made 4

The Dispensation of Innocence 5
Spiritual Applications 5
The Triune God’s Image Reproduced in the Triune Man
The Fall of Man 8

The Dispensation of Conscience 10
Man’s Condition 10
God’s Faithful Witness 12
God’s Present Appeal 13

The Dispensation of Human Government 13
Responsibility Increases 13
Noah’s Offering 14
God Blesses Noah 14
Animal Life Changed 14
Mans life Shortened 14
Man’s Posterity 14
Types 15
Nimrod Rises and Establishes His Kindom 15
Application 16

The Dispensation of Promise (or Family) 16
Abraham 16
Isaac 18
Eliezer 18
Rebekah 19
Joseph 20
Lot 21
Jacob 22
How God Preserves His People 23

The Dispensation of the Law 23
The Interpretation of the Law 23
The Law Differs From the Grace Manifested in Christ
The Place of the Sabbath in God’s Plan 30
The Moral and Ceremonial Law 32
Grace, the Only Means of Salvation 33
Summary 34

The Dispensation of the Church (or Grace) Part 1 34
The History of the Church 34
The Close of the Church Age 36
The Tribulation 39

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The Dispensation of the Church (or Grace) Part 2 43
The Holy Spirit in the Church Age 43

The Dispensation of the Kingdom 50
The Kingdom at Hand 50
The Kingdom Manifested 53
The Post-kingdom Era 54

The Ages of the Ages (or Eternity) 54
Heaven and Earth Renovated 55
Seven New Things 55
A Time of ‘No More’ 56