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Bible Resource Library

A Free Library for Bible Study. Webmaster Pastor David Cox. These Christian Reference books are for free download, pdf, and rar.


Bibliology is the study of the Bible as a unit and individual parts. Typically Inspiration, authority, the can, etc. are included here.

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Analogy of the Faith
      Analogy of the Faith
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                    Divine Revelation
                              • Welcome to the David Cox’ PDF Library!
                                This is a welcome post, explaining some of my ideas and philosophy that pertains to this library website.
                              • Idx: Divine Authority in Scriptures
                                In this index page idx on the Divine Authority of Scriptures, we present studies and books about the authority of Scripture as coming from God.
                              • Brooks Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices
                                Summary: In this 13 chapter work by Brooks (Puritan), he examines God's remedies against Satan's devices. He presents us how Satan's devices draw the soul to sin, and the states of sin Satan desires within us. Some of his chapters are 12 devices and their remedies, 8 devices directed towards disturbing our Christian service, 8 devices for inflicting doubt and confusion on the believer, 5 devices for ensaring men in the world and their remedies, 7 characteristics of false teachers, and 6 more purposes of Satan.
                              • Allnat, F.J.B. – Studies in Soul Tending
                                A work on pastoring other people's souls, or the pastoral ministry. I believe he is Anglican.
                              • 28-Hosea
                                In this index 28-Hosea we present commentaries and studies on Hosea.
                              • Idx: Bible Versions and Translations
                                Idx: Bible Versions and Translations This index page has resources and commentary on works that deal with different translations (mostly in English).
                              • Idx: Bible Encyclopedias
                                These are Bible encyclopedias which are usually longer definitions of words.
                              • Cox The Anointing of God
                                This is workshop page for my studies on anointing. This is a work in progress.
                              • Idx: Bible Study Methods
                                Idx: Bible Study Methods The Bible Study Index presents resources that explain how to study the Bible.
                              • Newberry, T. – Types of the Tabernacle
                                This is a book of 24 sections (shorter than chapters) by Brethren Newberry about the Tabernacle and types in the Tabernacle.
                              • 29-Joel
                                In this index 29-Joel present commentaries and studies on Joel.
                                    Purity of Original Text
                                        Textual Criticism