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21 Questions on The Doctrine of Scripture

by Francis Turretin (1623-1687)

Introduction to Francis Turretin’s 21 Questions on The Doctrine of Scripture

by Paul Rittman

Reading Reformed works on Scripture (here I would group Calvin’s Institutes, William Whitaker’s Disputations on the Holy Scriptures, as well as Turretin) can be very illuminating, and presents a rather different perspective on Scripture than many modern writers (1). While this article is providing a brief introduction to Turretin, what I’m saying below could just as well be said of the others mentioned above. Read more

Idx: Divine Authority in Scriptures

Posted by David Cox on October 12, 2022
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Idx: Divine Authority in Scriptures

Divine Authority

The issue of divine authority is strongly attacked by liberals and others. The issue revolves around the simple point, if God did not really give us the Bible, then it has no authority. A secondary issue comes into play, if the Bible is not really inspired, then errors exist in it, and it has no confidence nor authority for us. The motive of people attacking the Bible in this way is to remove the divine authority from Scripture. Since these people are not “big enough” to go against God “nose to nose” sort of speak, they destroy the authority inherent in Scripture, and that causes them to escape its wrath for disobeying it. The entire issue of Divine Authority in Scripture is not really, whether God inspired the Bible or not, but evil people who do not want to accept what God has said in it. Read more