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Idx: Preservation and Trustworthiness

Posted by David Cox on May 15, 2024
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Preservation and Trustworthiness

Preservation – refers to the fact that God’s word is eternal, and the same God of the Bible with the same power seen in the Bible is the one who makes sure that God’s word will remain forever. Read more

21 Questions on The Doctrine of Scripture

by Francis Turretin (1623-1687)

Introduction to Francis Turretin’s 21 Questions on The Doctrine of Scripture

by Paul Rittman

Reading Reformed works on Scripture (here I would group Calvin’s Institutes, William Whitaker’s Disputations on the Holy Scriptures, as well as Turretin) can be very illuminating, and presents a rather different perspective on Scripture than many modern writers (1). While this article is providing a brief introduction to Turretin, what I’m saying below could just as well be said of the others mentioned above. Read more