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Warfield – Formation of the Canon of the NT

Posted by David Cox on March 19, 2023
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The Formation Of The Canon Of The New Testament

by Benjiman B. Warfield
Biblical Canon; canonization of the bible; the canon of scripture 

B. B. Warfield (1851-1921) was the last great theologian of the conservative Presbyterians at Princeton Theological Seminary. His activity as a theologian coincided with the period when higher-critical views of Scripture and evolutionary conceptions of religion were replacing evangelical convictions in most of America’s major institutions of higher learning. Warfield distinguished himself as a scholarly defender of Augustinian Calvinism, supernatural Christianity, and the inspiration of the Bible. The following article was originally published in 1892 (the year of C. H. Spurgeon’s death) by the American Sunday School Union, Philadelphia, PA. It now appears in his collected writings in the volume The Inspiration And Authority Of The Bible, published by The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company: Philadelphia.

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21 Questions on The Doctrine of Scripture

by Francis Turretin (1623-1687)

Introduction to Francis Turretin’s 21 Questions on The Doctrine of Scripture

by Paul Rittman

Reading Reformed works on Scripture (here I would group Calvin’s Institutes, William Whitaker’s Disputations on the Holy Scriptures, as well as Turretin) can be very illuminating, and presents a rather different perspective on Scripture than many modern writers (1). While this article is providing a brief introduction to Turretin, what I’m saying below could just as well be said of the others mentioned above. Read more

Idx: Canonicity

Posted by David Cox on September 28, 2022
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Idx: Canonicity

Highly Recommended Link: Bible Research – The Canon of Scripture. Has information on the disputed books.

Canon (Canonicity) – deals with the reason why certain books are included in the Bible. The importance of this is in defending what books we include in “our Bible”, and defending why certain other books are excluded. The canon of Scripture is as important as Inspiration of Scripture, because without a definite reasonable and sound argument as to why we believe these books and only these books are the whole of Scripture, we fall to the weakness of excluding books which we disagree with their teaching, or including non-inspired works which favor our religious views.

Inherent in this issue is the pressing question of why certain things are excluded. Today the Pentecostal movement has made their preaching and proclamations of new doctrine equal with Scripture, and other groups such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses do the same with their writings, and Seventh Day Adventists do the same with the works of Ellen White, and the list can go on infinitely.

Canon settles the question of what is authoritative and from God, defining the limits of what we accept as “God’s Word.” Idx: Canonicity

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