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Bible Resource Library

A Free Library for Bible Study. Webmaster Pastor David Cox. These Christian Reference books are for free download, pdf, and rar.


Bibliology is the study of the Bible as a unit and individual parts. Typically Inspiration, authority, the can, etc. are included here.

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Analogy of the Faith
      Analogy of the Faith
        Apparent Contradictions
            Bible Canon
              Bible inspiration
                Bible Study Methods
                  Divine Origen
                    Divine Revelation
                              • Welcome to the David Cox’ PDF Library!
                                This is a welcome post, explaining some of my ideas and philosophy that pertains to this library website.
                              • Idx: Greek Lexicons-Dictionaries
                                In this post Idx: Greek Lexicons-Dictionaries we list links to biblical and classical Greek lexicons and dictionaries.
                              • Idx: Canonicity
                                Idx: Canonicity An index page for works on the Bible Canon.
                              • Bounds, E.M. – Satan: His Personality, Power, and Overthrow
                                In this 16 chapter work by Bounds (Methodist), he presents us with a detailed and extensive study on Satan. Excellent work!
                              • 39-Malachi
                                In this index 39-Malachi we present commentaries and studies on Malachi.
                              • 38-Zephaniah
                                In this index 38-Zephaniah we present commentaries and studies on Zephaniah.
                              • 37-Haggai
                                In this index 37-Haggai we present commentaries and studies on Haggai.
                              • 35-Habakkuk
                                In this index 35-Habakkuk we present commentaries and studies on Habakkuk.
                              • Idx: Greek Grammar Works
                                This resource page Idx: Greek Grammar Works has Greek Grammars and grammar studies.
                              • Idx: Higher Criticism
                                The high criticism index deals with resources and information about the criticism of Scripture, in that God did not inspire men to write it, but rather, its origin is of some other method.
                              • 31-Obadiah
                                In this index 31-Obadiah we present commentaries and studies on Obadiah.
                                    Purity of Original Text
                                        Textual Criticism