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Boettner The Inspiration Of Scripture

Bible inspiration
by Loraine Boettner
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This is a 6 chapter work on the inspiration of Scripture by Boettner (Presbyterian). He deals with the nature of inspiration, what the writers claim, the Holy Spirit’s influence in inspiration, the alleged errors of Scripture, the trustworthiness of the Bible, and the plenary inspiration of the Bible.

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Idx: Sufficiency of Scripture

Posted by David Cox on January 7, 2023
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Sufficiency of Scripture – refers to the fact that all that God wants of us in respect to salvation and the Christian life and ministry, God has revealed in His Word, and it is sufficient for all that we need. This was one of the key points of the Reformation, and they referred to it as Sola Escritura.
This doctrine affirms the unique position of the Holy Scripture (only the 66 recognized books of the Bible, New Testament and Old Testament) as occupying the position of authority on all matters of faith and practice. This refutes the positions of others that other writings such as the Apocrypha (Catholic), book of Mormon, writings of Mary Eddy Baker (Seventh Day Adventism), or the popularity of Pentecostals of “New Visions and Revelations”.


Sufficiency of Scripture