Bibliology Index

Bibliology Index
By David Cox

BibliologyThis is an index of works on_Bibliology. From here there are also several specialized indexes on topics like inspiration, bibles and bible versions, and other subtopics under_bibliology.

Subtopics under_Bibliology

The area of_Bibliology is indeed a large one, and there are some subtopics under that general category which are in themselves very large, such as Bible versions as well as inspiration. I have split these off from this page with pages of their own.

I consider the following individual categories or subtopics under_Bibliology, and some are smaller than others, and I am doing more study all the time, adding to, combining, and breaking off these topics as I see fit. Please check back.

_Bibliology – The science of Scripture. This is the study of the Bible as unit, what it is, how we got it, why some books are included in “Scripture” or “the Bible” and others are not (Canon), how to understand it (Hermeneutics).


Works dealing specifically with the entire topic of_Bibliology (listed below)

Canoncity, Apocrypha, Pseudographia
Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Deuteronocanoncial
Inspiration, Verbal, Plenary, Inerrancy
Divine Authority in Scripture
Preservation and Divine Trustworthiness
Divine Revelation, Prophets
Sufficiency of Scripture (Sola Escritura)
Guidance, Direction, Counseling
Diligent Study of Scripture Enjoined
Bible Study Methods and Helps
OT Survey
NT Survey
Hermeneutics (Principles of Interpretation)

Parables and Types
Supposed Errors in Bible
Bible Versions and Translations
King James Only Position
Opposite of King James Only Position
Textual Criticism
Higher Criticism
Translation Theory
Analogy of Faith
Apparent Bible Contradictions Answered (Apologetics)
General Bible Introduction
OT Introduction
NT Introduction
OT Archeaology
NT Archeaology
Literature on Bibliology

Bible Encyclopedias

General Works on_Bibliology

(treating the entire gamut of_Bibliology)

More on site works

[wpfilebase tag=file id=6 /] 571K 57 pages (1875 Methodist)

>Keathley (Author profile)Bibliology 567K.
>Gibbs, Alfred – (Brethren) Introduction To A Study of Church Truth  (a) 78K (24 pages)
Gladstone, William Ewart (1809-1898) – The Impregnable Rock of Holy Scripture (1896) flipbook
Horton – What Are We Looking For In The Bible?
Jowett, BenjaminScripture and Truth Dissertations (1907) flipbook
Mease, JamesScripture Chronology (1860) flipbook
Peake, Arthur Samuel (1865-1929) – The Nature of Scripture (1922) flipbook
Pink – The Scriptures and the World
UnknownIntroduction to Bibliology

Recommended Study Guide:

  1. FrankPastore – Introduction to Bibliology

NOTE: This page only displays general works on Bibliology. Click on the pages below to go to specific substudies within this general area.