Analogy of the Faith


General Statement of Doctrine

This Library Listing has works about the composite nature of Scripture, the “analogy of the faith”, which means that the statements, declarations, doctrines, etc. of one part of the Bible will not conflict, refute, or in any way be contrary or against another part of Scripture. The principle here is that any interpretation or doctrine of any passage of Scripture MUST agree in spirit and letter with the rest of Scripture, or (1) the interpretation is not a correct biblical exegesis of the passage, (2) the general held beliefs of the “other places” is incorrectly understood. In either case, no 2 contradicting interpretations can be simultaneously held.

In resolving this conflict, we (1) always first hold a trust in what we have previous exposited correctly, and restudy the new passage. (2) If no immediate and obvious position of the options of interpreting the new passage is available, we scan all the involved passages and conclusions, discern the MOST OBVIOUS AND CLEAREST DECLARATIONS, and hold them first, and then interpret the “less clearer” passages in a way that agrees with other very clear passages. IN ABSOLUTELY NO CASE, SHOULD WE REJECT A CLEAR PASSAGE BY ASSERTING A DOCTRINE FROM AN UNCLEAR PASSAGE TO OVERRIDE THE OTHER CLEAR PASSAGES.

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Analogy of the Faith