By Joseph Agar Beet

This work is an old work, PDF from 1903. Beet writes about a key to unlock the Bible, which is basically concepts about the authority and inspiration of Scripture.


1. The Bible as a Book
2. The Bible as an Ancient Book
3. The Bible a Book of God

Part I The New Testament

4. Contents and Purpose
5. Authorship and Date
6. Correctness of our Copies and Version
7. The Art of Interpretation
(A) Preliminary Analysis
(B) The Words of the Bible
(C) The Phrases of the Bible
(D) Analysis of Sentences
(E) The Line of Thought
8. Metaphor and Parable – Quotations
9. The New Testament as Biography and History
10. The New Testament as Doctrine

Part II The Old Testament

11. Contrast of the Old and the New
12. Contents, Authorship, Date
13. The Old Testament as History
14. The Religious Teaching of the Old Testament
15. The Interpretation of Prophecy
16. The Bible and Science
17. The Bible in the Church