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A Free Library for Bible Study. Webmaster Pastor David Cox. These Christian Reference books are for free download, pdf, and rar.


Bibliology is the study of the Bible as a unit and individual parts. Typically Inspiration, authority, the can, etc. are included here.

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                              • Welcome to the David Cox’ PDF Library!
                                This is a welcome post, explaining some of my ideas and philosophy that pertains to this library website.
                              • NPNF2-05. Gregory of Nyssa: Dogmatic Treatises, Etc.
                                This pdf is a large work (793 pgs) of the life and works of Gregory of Nyssa, a post NT times church father.
                              • The Later Creeds
                                This PDF is a brief work on the later creeds, basically brief statements on the Third Council of Constantinople, the statement of faith, the Image Controversy, the synod of Constantinople, and the council of Nicaea.
                              • Schaff – Ambrose: Selected Works and Letters
                                This 700 page work by Ambrose is composed of many of his works. See table of contents (which extends for 47 pages.
                              • Idx: Genesis Commentaries
                                Works on Genesis, especially commentaries.
                              • Pink – Divine Inspiration of the Bible
                                In this 14 chapter work, Pink examines various issues with the inspiration and veracity of Scripture.
                              • Boettner, L. – The Inspiration Of Scripture
                                This is a 6 chapter work on the inspiration of Scripture by Boettner (Presbyterian). He deals with the nature of inspiration, what the writers claim, the Holy Spirit's influence in inspiration, the alleged errors of Scripture, the trustworthiness of the Bible, nad the plenary inspiration of the Bible.
                              • Warfield – Formation of the Canon of the NT
                                This is a brief article by Warfield explaining the Canon of the New Testament.
                              • Younce, M. – A Biblical Examination of Hell
                                This is the best and most extensive, biblical examination of the subject hell that I have seen. This is an excellent book! 13 chapters in which Pastor Younce probably presents us with some couple of thousand verses over hell and related subjects.
                              • Younce, M. – A Biblical Examination of Baptism
                                In this 12 chapter work on Water Baptism by Pastor Max Younce, he examines many issues in baptism. First he deals with infant baptism, the baptism for salvation, who is to administer the ordinances of Baptism, the mode of baptism, was baptism prior to salvation, various baptisms in Scripture, baptism in its order, and several other chapters.
                              • Idx Bibliology
                                This is an index of works on Bibliology. From here there are also several specialized indexes on topics like inspiration, bibles and bible versions, and other subtopics under bibliology.
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