Hassan Combating Cult Mind Control

By Steven Hassan

Hassan’s work studies modern day cults and how they recruit and control (and retain) their members, explaining how they function.

Table of Contents Hassan Combating Cult Mind Control

Foreword by Margaret Singer xiii
Preface xvii
Chapter 1 Exit-Counseling: The Background 1
Chapter 2 My Life in the Unification Church 12
Chapter 3 The Threat: Mind Control Cults Today 35
Chapter 4 Understanding Mind Control 53
Chapter 5 Cult Psychology 76

Chapter 6 Cult Assessment: How to Protect Yourself 95
Chapter 7 Exit-Counseling: Freedom Without Coercion 112
Chapter 8 How to Help 132
Chapter 9 Unlocking Cult Mind Control 148
Chapter 10 Strategies for Recovery 168
Chapter 11 The Next Step 187

Appendix Lifton’s Eight Criteria of Mind Control 200
Resource Organizations 206
Endnotes 211
Bibliography 221
Index 233
About the Author 237

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