Christianity and Mormon Cult are very Different

By an Ex-Mormon

This 200 page document has articles and information about Mormonism.

Cox A Study on the Trinity
is a short 32-page work on the Trinity with special attention applied towards Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses. Chapters: 1. God is One Monotheism. | 2. Why God is one, but has to be three persons in that one God: Love needs three people. | 3. Other Consideration that God has to be three persons. | 4. God the Father is God | 5. Jesus is God | 6. The Holy Spirit is God. | 7. Unacceptable explanations of the Trinity. | 8 Conclusion. Alternate Download Site:


Christianity and Mormonism (LDS) are Very Different
• Mormonism Research Ministry Introduction (Mp3), Free Speech in Utah (Mp3)
Witnessing to LDS (Mp3) – Some suggestions about speaking with your LDS friends and acquaintances
• Heart of the Matter with Shawn McCraney (Mp3 – Mp4) – It’s where Mormonism meets Biblical Christianity face to
face! Started in early 2006, Heart of the Matter is a TV show produced in the Mecca of Mormonism, Salt Lake City.
• Testimony out of (LDS) Mormonism and into Christianity (Video)
• Joseph Smith dies in his own ill-fated jailbreak