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Ron Hubbard Scientology

Posted by David Cox on October 19, 2022
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There are two excellent books written by people who know the organization inside and out:

Brent Cordyon and Ron Hubbard JrL Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?

Russell Miller – Bare Faced Messiah (see below)

Scientology Critical Information Directory.

Ron Hubbard Scientology

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Nelson Is Joyce Meyer Word Of Faith

Posted by David Cox on July 27, 2022
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Nelson-Is Joyce Meyer Word Of Faith

By Shawn Nelson

This work is an examination of Joyce Meyer’s position, whether she is part of the Word of Faith movement or not. She answers these questions in an evasive manner so as to make people think she is not part of it when she is part of it.

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Jackson – The Prosperity Trap

Posted by David Cox on May 25, 2022
Posted in Prosperity Gospel 

By Angela Jackson

The Prosperity Trap exposes the lies that have become a dominant part of the Christian Church and the movement known as the Prosperity Gospel. The author, a former member of a mega-ministry in Atlanta shares her personal financial struggles and her journey to understanding the truth of the Bible as it relates to our finances, our faith and our relationship with God.

The Prosperity Trap

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101 Questions for Campbellites (Church of Christ)

Posted by David Cox on March 9, 2022
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101 Questions for Campbellites

By A. A. Davis

From the editor–David Cox

I find this study really pathetic to be truthful. There are doctrinal questions that the Church of Christ answers incorrectly, against Scripture. Davis really has done little to help clarify these points. I have found several rebuttals to this present work, but by Church of Christ, and I am not so sure that they are any better at clarifying the issues. I would recommend that you study my work here (Campbellism, Church of Christ) instead of this present work by Davis. 

A.A. Davis was pastor of First Baptist Church of Nowata, OK USA. This list of questions for Campbellites is from , “The Baptist Story,” a book containing a series of sermons and other information about Baptist doctrine and history.

What are Campbellites? They are otherwise known as “The Church of Christ,” or “The Disciples of Christ,” and believe that Water Baptism is essential to salvation in Jesus Christ.
These questions call for careful study. They have been compiled after many years of hard work in defense of the Truth as it is in Christ Jesus. These questions have already been on the BLOCK of execution have seen the field of battle and have emerged victorious in every skirmish. Joint Debate, private discussion, individual Bible study, these questions have raised in every arena. Let the

Baptists never fear the result – simply ask the question and listen to the answers.

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