By Angela Jackson

The Prosperity Trap exposes the lies that have become a dominant part of the Christian Church and the movement known as the Prosperity Gospel. The author, a former member of a mega-ministry in Atlanta shares her personal financial struggles and her journey to understanding the truth of the Bible as it relates to our finances, our faith and our relationship with God.

The Prosperity Trap


Contents of Jackson – The Prosperity Trap

Chapter 1: The Burning Bush
Chapter 2: Salt & Light
Chapter 3: Chasing the Cheese
Chapter 4: The Benefit Package
Chapter 5: Lessons from the Israelites
Chapter 6: Prophecy for Profit
Chapter 7: The Greatest Deception
Chapter 8: The Truth About Tithing
Chapter 9: False Prophets And Teachers
Chapter 10: The Vehicle of Faith
Chapter 11: Wake-Up Call


I could go on, but I won’t. You get the picture. The interesting thing about all of this, however, is that most of my financial problems occurred after I was saved and after I became a tither.
My financial problems occurred after I was saved and after I became a tither.
Now there’s something they don’t tell you in Sunday school. In fact, talk like that will get you thrown out of some churches because it might decrease the offering. People aren’t as eager to give if they are told that God may still allow them to experience some financial struggles even after they pay their tithes and give an offering. But it’s the truth. We may not like it or even understand it, but it’s the truth. I was a tither, but I was still in debt. I was even a generous giver, but still unable to pay my own bills. I attended every convention, listened to every tape, and did every kind of spiritual hocus pocus that they tell you to do, but I was still struggling financially.

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