Theological Compend

Theological Compend
By Amos Binney and Daniel Steele

This is a 57 page work by these two men. Although I have not studied this work, I believe that it is Calvinistic/Reformed. It has three parts, the evidences of religion, the Doctrine of Christianity which are the basic doctrines of the Christian faith, and the third part is title, Institutions of Christianity which are marriage, Sabbath, Church, Sacraments, and church order.


Preface to the First Edition

Part 01 Evidences of Religion (Theological Compend)

Ch 01 Divine Revelation
Ch 02 The Bible
Ch 03 The Christian Evidences Classified

Part 02 Doctrine of Christianity (Theological Compend)

Ch 01 Existence of God
Ch 02 Attributes of God
Ch 03 The Trinity
Ch 04 Jesus Christ
Ch 05 The Holy Ghost
Ch 06 AngelsCh 07 The Devil and Demons
Ch 08 Man-Mankind
Ch 09 Redemption-Atonement
Ch 10 Justification
Ch 11 Saving Faith
Ch 12 Regeneration
Ch 13 Adoption
Ch 14 Conversion
Ch 15 Holiness-Sanctification
Ch 16 Perseverance-Apostasy
Ch 17 Last Things

Part 03 Morals of Christianity (Theological Compend)

Ch 01 Duties We Owe To God
Ch 02 Duties To Our Neighbors
Ch 03 Duties To Ourselves
Part 04 Institutions of Christianity
Ch 01 Marriage
Ch 02 The Sabbath
Ch 03 The Church
Ch 04 The Sacraments
Ch 04 Church Order

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