Cummings Through the Spirit is a thorough work on the Holy Spirit from some time back. Cummings looks at the actions and work of the Spirit.


Table of Contents

Introductory— Position of the Question, 9
I. A Catena of Passages in which the Holy Spirit is directly mentioned in the Old Testament, 17
II. A Catena of Passages in which the Holy Spirit is directly mentioned in the New Testament, 25
III. Comments on, and Inferences from, the Passages cited, taken as a whole, 36
IV. The Spirit in the Word, 54
V. The Relation of the Holy Spirit to the other Persons of the Godhead, and to the Mediator,
VI. Teaching of the Lord concerning the Holy Ghost, 76
VII. Pentecost — What it Was, and What it Did, 86
VIII. Pentecost in Relation to Former Dispensations, 91
IX. What Pentecost was for the Church, 98
X. Pentecost in its Relation to Individual Believers Now, 104
XI. The “Baptism of the Spirit;” His being “Received;” His “Falling” on Men; and Other Expressions, 116
XII. The Administrator of the Affairs of the Church, 135
XIII. The Spirit Glorifying Christ, 145
XIV. The Secret of Sanctification, 154
XV. The Fruit of the Spirit, 164
XVI. The Love of the Holy Ghost, 175
XVII. The Communion of the Holy Ghost, 185
XVIII. The Guidance of the Holy Spirit, 194
XIX. Obedience to the Holy Ghost, 202
XX. The Anointing of the Holy Ghost, 212
XXI. Power, 221
XXII. Being Filled with the Spirit, 230
XXIII. Temples of the Holy Ghost, 242
XXIV. The Holy Ghost in the Mission Field, 252
XXV. Offenses Against the Holy Ghost, 2G6
Appendix I 277
Appendix II 281
Appendix III 297
Index of Subjects 307
Index of Scripture Passages, 310

Cummings Through the Spirit


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