Murray The Power of the Blood of Jesus. Looks at how the Blood of Jesus relates to us and our redemption, reconciliation, salvation, etc.



(Note, Google considers too many repetitions of a key word as the entire page is spam bait, so I am abbreviating “blood” with “b.” in some of these places)

  1. What the Scriptures teach about the Blood.
  2. Redemption by the Blood.
  3. Reconciliation by the Blood.
  4. Cleansing through the b.
  5. Sanctification through the b.
  6. Cleansed through the b. to Serve the Living God or
    Intercourse through the b.
  7. Dwelling “in the Holiest” by the b.
  8. Life in the b.
  9. Victory through the b.
  10. Heavenly Joy through the b.

Murray The Power of the Blood of Jesus


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