Four Faces of Christ

by Ray C. Stedman
7 pages

Stedman’s work on The Four Faces of Christ examines the different vocations or work that Christ accomplished in his mission as Savior.

Excerpts from The Four Faces of Christ

First, our Lord Jesus is pictured in many prophecies, like those of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Zechariah, as coming as the King – the King of Israel.

Second, we have other Old Testament pictures which speak of Messiah as the Servant, as the suffering One. Again, Isaiah is in the fore-view. There is also the typological fore-view that Joseph gives of the coming of One who is to suffer….

Third, we have frequent Old Testament pictures of Christ’s coming as Man. He was to be born of a virgin, grow up in Bethlehem, walk  mong men. There are pictures of his childhood, youth and young manhood…

Finally, we have those pictures which speak of
him as God, the Everlasting One….