Another View of Faith and Works in James 2

By Robert N. Wilkin

In Brother Wilkin’s work, Another view of faith and works in James 2, he looks at various aspects of the dynamic between salvation by faith without works, and the place of works in salvation.

Dagg Manual of Theology
Dagg's Work, Manual of Theology, is a full-fledged systematic theology from a Reformed perspective. He was Baptist.
PDF: Dagg Manual of Theology.
Dagg Manual of Theology.
Dagg Manual of Theology.
Dagg Manual of Theology.

Table of Contents of Another View of Faith and Works in James 2

Difficulties with the Traditional Understanding
The Uses of Brothers (Adelphoi) in James
The Use of Sozo in James
The Use of Sozo in 2:14
Two Types of Faith in James 2?
The Temporal Deliverance Understanding Has Points in Its Favor The Emphasis on Profitability in James 2:14 and 16
“Faith Without Works Is Dead”
The Judgment of Believers Immediately Precedes and Follows 2:14-26
Reformed Theology Does Not Require the Traditional Understanding

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