Scofield Plain Paper on the Holy Spirit is simple topics about the Holy Spirit, divinity, Pentecost and of the Spirit’s ministry, etc.


Chapter Content of Scofield, C.I. – Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit

Chapter 1. The Holy Spirit as a Divine Person
Chapter 2. The Holy Spirit Before and After Pentecost
Chapter 3. The Holy Spirit Before and After Pentecost (cont.)
Chapter 4. The Filling with the Holy Spirit
Chapter 5. The Filling with the Holy Spirit Is Indispensable


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Torrey Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian Faith is a set of 15 chapters on various doctrinal themes in the Bible. Some of these chapters are...
1. Inspiration, or to what extent is the Bible Inspired of God?
2. The Christian conception of God...
4. The Deity of Jesus Christ
5. Jesus Christ, a Real Man
6. The Personality of the Holy Spirit
7. The Deity of the Holy Spirit and the Distinction between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
8. The Atonement...
9. The Distinctive Doctrine of Protestantism: Justification by Faith
10. The New Birth
11. Sanctification
12. The Resurrection of the Body of Jesus and of our Bodies
13. The Devil
14. Is there a Literal Hell?
15. Is Future Punishment Everlasting?
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