Book Recommendation: Recovering from Churches that Abuse pdf

Book by R. Enroth

Enroth, R. – Recovering from Churches that Abuse pdf is an excellent book about abusive churches.

Even though the work is a good book, Enroth relies heavily on testimonies of people suffering or having suffered in an abusive church. That in itself is a problem. Does the Bible see abusive churches and false prophets? Absolutely. But the answer is not emotional stories of that abuse, but pure, solid what a church is supposed to be.

I feel for all the people that he mentions that suffered, but the bottom line for me as a pastor of 30+ years is that people don’t take the time and care before joining a church, and then they suffer afterward. What people focus on in joining is greatness, ease, and glory and splendor in the form of Hollywood. That is the image of a church that they are wanting. These false prophets provide that to cover for what they will do to abuse these people that fall for their lies.

Ask these same people about visiting a church meeting in somebody’s house or a small church of 20 people, and they would not be much interested. Although there is no glory in these kinds of churches, and there is an overabundance of work for everybody, there rarely is the kind of abuse mentioned in Enroth’s book.

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