Theodicy Index Page

Topic: Theodicy Index
By David Cox

Summary: Theodicy, problems of the existence evil, pain, suffering.

Theodicy is the explanation of why good things happen to God’s favored children. While God does favor his children, he also allows bad things to happen to them for various reason.

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External Links to Works on Theodicy

Bacon, Francis (1561-1626) – Bacon’s Essays, Colours of Good and Evil (1885)
Baring-Gould, Sabine (1834-1924) – Some modern difficulties : nine lectures (1875)
Blesdsoe, Albert Taylor (1809-1877) – A theodicy; or, Vindication of the divine glory, as manifested in the constitution and government of the moral world (1853)
Brougham, Lord – A Dissertation on the Origin of Evil
Burton, Marion Le Roy – The problem of evil : a criticism of the Augustinian point of view (1909)
Bushnell, Horace (1802-1876) – Moral uses of dark things(1869)
Cheung, Vincent – The Problem of Evil (a) (c) (19 pages)
Cheung, Vincent – Author of Sin (b) (c) (116 pages).
Cheung, Vincent – On Good and Evil (b) (c) (69 pages).
Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes (1862-1932) – The meaning of good: a dialogue (1907)
Dyke, Daniel – Did a Form of Evil Exist before the Fall.pdf 34K


Fiske, John (1842-1901) – Through nature to God (1899)
Frohschammer, Jakob (1821-1893) – Optimism and pessimism: or, The problem of evil (1871)
Giran, Etienne (b1871) – A modern Job; an essay on the problem of evil (1916)

Gordon, George Angier (1853-1929) – Immortality and the new theodicy (1897)
Gratry, Auguste (1805-1872) – Guide to the knowledge of God : a study of the chief theodicies (1892)
Green, Peter (1871-1961) – The Problem of Evil: Being an attempt to shew that the existence of sin and pain in the world is not inconsistent with the goodness and power of God (1920)
Janet, Paul Alexandre René (1823-1899) – A history of the problems of philosophy v1 (1902)
Janet, Paul Alexandre René (1823-1899) – A history of the problems of philosophy v2 (1902)


King, William (1650-1729) – An essay on the origin of evil. (1731)
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, Freiherr von (1646-1716) – Theodicy: Essays on the Goodness of God, the Freedom of Man and the Origin
 of Evil

Momerie, Alfred Williams (1848-1900) – The origin of evil: and other sermons (1894)
Minton, Samuel – The glory of Christ in the creation and reconciliation of all things, with special reference to the doctrine of eternal evil, a course of sermons (1871)

Naville, Ernest (18165-1909) – The problem of evil: seven lectures (1871)
Palmer, George Herbert (1842-1933) – The nature of goodness (1903)
Pinson, H. – God the Creator of Both Evil and Good for our Benefit (1883)


Rashdall, Hastings (1858-1924) – The problem of evil (1912?)
Rashdall, Hastings (1858-1924) – The Theory Of Good And Evil Vol I (1907)
Rashdall, Hastings (1858-1924) – The Theory Of Good And Evil Vol II (1907)
Rosmini, Antonio (1797-1855) – Theodicy : essays on divine providence v1 (1912)
Rosmini, Antonio (1797-1855) – Theodicy : essays on divine providence v2 (1912)
Royce, Josiah (1855-1916) – Studies of good and evil: a series of essays upon problems of philosophy and of life (1898)

Stewart, Don – God and Evil
Thompson, Daniel Greenleaf (1850-1897) – The problem of evil : an introduction to the practical sciences(1887)
Unknown The Rise and Fall (1866)

Young, John (1805-1881) – The Mystery, or Evil and God (1856)