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Younce Not Chosen To Salvation

Posted by David Cox on July 28, 2021
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Not Chosen To Salvation

An Answer to David Nettleton’s Book, “Chosen to Salvation”

A verse-by-verse examination of Scripture that exposes then false doctrine of predestination and illuminates the free will and responsibility of man.

By Dr. Max D. Younce, Pastor


Read online: Max D. Younce – Not Chosen to Salvation

In this 6 chapter excellent book by Pastor Younce, he presents us with a Bible study on election. 1. Verses to support election. 2. Verses supporting free will for service. 3. Verses about man’s free will. 4. Refutal of Nettleton’s statements. 5. Explaining Predestination and foreknowledge. Read more

Wilkin – The Doctrine of Divine Election Reconsidered

Posted by David Cox on April 7, 2019
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The Doctrine of Divine Election Reconsidered Election to Service, Not to Everlasting Life

By Robert N. Wilkin

The Doctrine of Divine Election Reconsidered Election to Service Not to Everlasting Life is an article o 15 pages about the doctrine of election. Wilkin examines the Calvinist position and offers an alternative.

Contents of the Doctrine of Election Reconsidered

Introduction 5
The Calvinist View 5
Other Views of Election Unto Everlasting Life   6
Foreseen Faith  6
Corporate Election 7
Election Conditioned on Unknown Factors  7
The Biblical Doctrine of Election: Election Isaiah to Ministry  8
God’s Chosen People, Israel  8
Jesus, God’s Chosen Messiah and Savior  8
Twelve Men Chosen as Christ’s Apostles  8
Saul Chosen as Apostle to the Gentiles  8
Peter Chosen to Take the Gospel to Cornelius 9
God’s Chosen Deliverer, Moses  9
God’s Chosen Priestly Line, Levi  9
Men Chosen to Be in Messiah’s Line  9
David Chosen to Replace Saul as King 9
God Chose Solomon to Succeed David as King 9
God Chose Mary and Joseph  9
God’s Chosen City, Jerusalem  9
Chosen Sojourners  9
Election Isaiah Never Concerning One’s Eternal Destiny  9
Elect Angels? 11
Make Your Election Sure? (2 Peter 1:10-11)  11
Chosen for Deliverance From the Tribulation  13
Application 13
Conclusion 14
Endnote  14
Scripture Index  16
Old Testament  16
New Testament 17