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Adeney, W.F. – Women of the New Testament

Posted by David Cox on June 16, 2021
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[firstchapter:Table  of Contents]

Women of the New Testament

By Walter F. Adeney, M. A.
Professor of New Testment Exegesis
New College, london
author of ” how to read the bible,” “the theology of the new testament,” etc
Copyright 1899.

CHAPTER I Mary the Mother of Jesus — Blessed among Women
A Retiring Nature — Unearthly Scenes — The Human Aspect of the Annunciation — Rossetti’s Picture — The Visit to Elizabeth— The Magnificat— The Wonderful Babe— Mary pondering — The Purification — The Presentation — The Sword 1-13.

CHAPTER II Mater Dolorosa — Sorrow with Blessedness
The Lost Child — An Unintentional Rebuke — A Separation — At Cana — A Rebuff — An Anxious Mother — A Second Rebuff — The Sentimental Admirer — The Darkest Hour — A Gleam of Light — Fading out of View . . . 14-28.

CHAPTER III The Great Miracle — A Study in Theology
A Human Mother — The Miracle of Miracles — The Further Miracle of the Virgin Birth — A Fatal Confusion — The Testimony of Two Gospels — Objections — Apocryphal Gospels — Jewish Legends — Patristic Evidence — Ebionite Teaching — Docetism — The Syriac Variation . . 29-42.

CHAPTER IV The Madonna — A Study in Imagination
Perpetual Virginity — History of the Dogma — The Glorification of Virginity — The Immaculate Conception — The Assumption — Virgin Worship—” The Mother of God ” — Christian Art — Divine Pity ….. 43-56.

CHAPTER V Elizabeth — Motherhood and Humility
A High-born Woman — The Instinct of Motherhood — The Child of Old Age— The Visit— The Welcome— A Wonder of Humility— Mutual Confidences — Naming the Child — His Future 57-70.

CHAPTER VI Anna — Aged and Hopeful
Her long Vigils — The Life of Devotion — Energy of Prayer — The Melancholy of Old Age— Youthful Old Age— A Quickening Hope — Vitalising Prayer — The Recognition – of the Christ— The National Hope …. 71-84.

CHAPTER VII The “Woman of Samaria — Thirst
At the Well— The Request — Living Water— A Vivacious Mind — The Awakening— A Soul’s Unrest— The Thirst for Excitement — Conscience — The Type of the Inconstant — The Prophet — A Strange Evangelist 85-09.

CHAPTER VIII The Women who Ministered to Jesus — Active Devotion
Peter’s Wife’s Mother — Inopportune Illness — The First Woman Healed — The Service of Gratitude — The Women who Ministered with their Substance — The Wealthier Status of Women Disciples — The Court Lady . . . 100-113.

CHAPTER IX The Woman who Touched the Hem of Christ’s Garment — Shy Faith The Explanation of an Unusual Approach — The Child and the Woman — Desperate Need — Faith and Superstition — Healing Contact — Involuntary Power — Jesus Asking for Information — A Theological Blunder— Shyness Conquered by Gratitude— Confessing Christ — Faith Commended— The Legend of St. Veronica 114-127.

CHAPTER X The Woman who Washed the Feet of Jesus with Her Tears — Forgiveness and Love The Scene at an Eastern Feast— A Natural Judgment — A New Idea — Sin not to be Denied — Forgiveness Forbids Recrimination — A Passion of Devotion — A Revelation of Character — Love the Fruit of Forgiveness — Emotion must have Expression 128-140.

CHAPTER XI The Canaanite Woman — A Mother’s Persistence
Jesus in Retirement — A Primitive Passion — Christ Confessed by a Heathen— A Piteous Appeal Disregarded— The Reason— Hopeful Silence— A Harsh Proverb— The Unreported Smile— Delightful Repartee— Faith Rewarded 141-153.

CHAPTER XII The Mother of Zebedee’s Children — Material Ambition
Salome, Mary’s Sister — Her Early Days — The Fisherman’s Wife — Among the Ministering Women — Her Daring Request — Maternal Ambition — Her Faith in Her Nephew — In Sight of the Cross — A Spartan Mother — FamUy Selfishness — The Earlier Position of the Two Sons — The Great Mistake — A Consolation 151-167.

CHAPTER XIII The Sisters — A Contrast
The Bethany Household — 1. A Family Difference — Natural Irritation — The Active and the Contemplative Lives — Expostulation — Reply — Plain Living and High Thinking — 2. At the Grave — An Earthquake Revelation — Unaccountable Delay — Jesus at Bethany — Sublime Faith — 3. The Anointing — The Accusation— The Defence 168-1S 3.

CHAPTER XIV The Widow with Two Mites — True Giving
The Minor Incidents of the Gospel— Jesus at the Temple — The Widow — The Gift Valued by the Sacrifice — Penury. Rescued from Sordidness 184-194.

CHAPTER XV Mary Magdalene — Adoration after Deliverance
A Double Confusion — Vindication of the Magdalene’s Character — Her Terrible Affliction — The Phenomena of Possession — The Dogmatism of Science — Among the Attendant Women — At the Cross — The Entombment — The Empty Tomb— The Vision of Angels — The Gardener — Noli me tangere 195-208.

CHAPTER XVI Dorcas and Phoebe — Woman’s Work
Women in the Apostolic Churches — 1. Dorcas — Christian Charities — Active Service — The Old-fashioned Work with the Needle— “Dorcas” Societies — 2. Phoebe—The Deaconess— The Patroness 209-220.

CHAPTER XVII St. Paul’s Woman Converts — Saved to Serve
The Prominent Position of Women — 1. Lydia — The First- Known Christian in Europe— Her Open Mind — 2. The Pythoness — Her Affliction — The Cure — Its Results — 3. Damans — The Athenian Audience — Rare Exceptions — 4. The Ephesian Women — Their Varied Works— 5. The Women at Philippi — An Exhortation to Harmony . . 221-235.

CHAPTER XVIII Priscilla — The Woman Missionary
Roman Legends and Inscriptions — The Early History of Priscilla — The’ Teacher of Apollos — Woman’s Larger Ministry — The Woman Missionary — The Missionary’s Wife 236-246.

CHAPTER XIX Women in High Places — Shame of Womanhood
A Dark Background — 1. Herodias— Her Scandalous Career — 2, Salome — The Dance and the Murder — 3. Bernice — A Royal Visit— 4. Drusula — The Four Dissolute Queens — 5. Pilate’s Wife — Her Warning Dream . , . 24G-254.

CHAPTER XX The Mystical Women of the Apocalypse — Woman Symbolical
Weird Symbols — 1, The Woman Jezebel — A Corrupting Influence— 2. The Locusts of the Pit — Womanly Grace with Cruel Terror — 3. The Woman Clothed with the Sun — The Jewish Church and Her Messiah — 4. The Scarlet Woman — Imperial Kome — 5. The Lamb’s Bride — The Christian Church and her Lord 255-263.

CHAPTER XXI The Treatment of Woman in the New Testament — A Summary
The New Testament Picture- Gallery — Jewish Freedom for Women — The Christian Advance — Christ’s Teaching on the Gentler Virtues — Our Lord’s Treatment of Women — A Doubtful Passage — Philip’s Daughters — Women Preachers— St. Paul’s Treatment of Women . . 264-276. Read more

McCook The Women Friends of Jesus

Posted by David Cox on June 23, 2020
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McCook The Women Friends of Jesus

By Henry C. McCook

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[firstchapter:Men of the Bible] [chapters:175,right]

Men of the Bible: Some Lesser Known Characters

by George Milligan, D.D.; J. G. Greenhough, M.A.; Alfred Rowland, D.D., LL.B.; Principal Walter F. Adeney, D.D.; J. Morgan Gibbon; H. Elvet Lewis; Principal D. Rowlands, B.A.; W. J. Townsend, D.D. 1904

1. Enoch by W. J. Townsend, D.D.
2. Eldad and Medad by Alfred Rowland, D.D., Ll.B.
3. Barzillai by George Milligan, D.D.
4. Adonijah by Alfred Rowland, D.D., Ll.B.
5. Hiram by W. J. Townsend, D.D.
6. Jeroboam by Alfred Rowland, D.D., Ll.B.
7. Asa by Alfred Rowland, D.D., Ll.B.
8. Ahaziah by J. G. Greenhough, M.a.
9. Gehazi by J. Morgan Gibbon
10. Hazael by J. G. Greenhough, M.a.
11. Manasseh by J. G. Greenhough, M.a.
12. Amaziah by J. G. Greenhough, M.a.
13. Jabez by J. G. Greenhough, M.a.
14. Simeon by H. Elvet Lewis
15. Pontius Pilate by Principal Walter F. Adeney, D.D.
16. Barabbas by J. G. Greenhough, M.a.
17. Joseph of Arimathea by Alfred Rowland, D.D., Ll.B.
18. Philip, the Evangelist by George Milligan, D.D.
19. Ananias and Sapphira by George Milligan, D.D.
20. Demas by Principal D. Rowlands, B.A.

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