Angelology in the Talmud

By Unknown (27 pgs)

—Biblical, Talmudical, and Post-Talmudical: This work has a lot of Hebrew in it. This is a work on post-biblical teachings and beliefs on angelology.


1. The Biblical Period: Denomination.

Appearance of Angels.

2. Talmudical and Midrashic Literature:

Embellishment of Biblical Accounts.
Nomenclature and Essence.
A characteristic and well-known passage is the following:
Variety of Angelic Forms.
Functions of Angels.

3. In the Medieval Period: The Cabala

Mystical Angelology.

Postexilic Period:
Angelology Systematized.
A Heavenly Hierarchy.
Four Angels of the Throne
The Slavonic Enoch.
The Seven Heavens in the Talmud.(see Ps. lxviii. 5).
Fall of the Angels.
Creation of Angels.
Angels as Instructors.
Mediate between God and Men
Angels of the Nether World.
Guardians of the Nations.
Conjuring by Names of Angels.
Angel Worship.
Inferior to Man.
Philo on Angels.
Cabalistic View.
Relation to non-Jewish Religions
Mohammedan Angelology

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