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idx: The Divine Names of Jesus Christ

Posted by David Cox on June 25, 2023
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When we consider the special names and titles used of Jesus in relationship to his being and ministry, we cannot but help understand that we are talking about the very God. Jesus is the God who has always existed through all of eternity past, the present, and will exist for all of eternity future. Read more


Posted by David Cox on December 22, 2022
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38-Zephaniah In this index we present commentaries and studies on Zephaniah.


idx: Life of Christ

Posted by David Cox on November 30, 2022
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idx: Life of Christ

Works on the Life of Christ

Perkins, Mark – Life of Christ (b) 3MB (481 pages) 
Eddy, Zachary – Immanuel, or Life of Jesus Christ our Lord (from His Incarnation to His Ascension) flipbook (1868)
Fleetwood, John – The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (from His incarnation to His Ascension into Heaven ) flipbook (1855)


Posted by David Cox on September 28, 2022
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39-Malachi In this index we present commentaries and studies on Malachi.