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idx: Names of God, The

Posted by David Cox on December 1, 2022
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idx: Names of God, The

Definition: The names of God are intense revelations into the character and acts of God. Names in the Bible are always representative of the character, actions, and established personality of a person, both from a past historical viewpoint, and a definitive viewpoint in that the name defines how a person will act. Names are very important in the Bible to reveal and predict character.

The Bible is full of names of God, and most come directly from His character and being, like Omniscient, or Almighty, or from specific events by which those names are used by God to clarify who He is by His actions.

idx: Names of God, The

Abbott The Christian Ministry

Posted by David Cox on November 30, 2022
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Abbott The Christian Ministry
by Lyman Abbott (1835-1922)

Bostonand New York
Houghton, Mifflin and Company

Copyright 1905 by Lyman Abbott
All Rights Reserved

Published May 1905

To the Christian Ministers who are attempting to impart that acquaintance with God which is the secret of life this volume is dedicated. Read more

idx: Death of Christ

Posted by David Cox on November 29, 2022
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idx: Death of Christ

Prophecies of the Cross

Elements of Crucifixion Week-Resurrection

Events preceding the Cross

Passion Week

The Lord’s Supper

The Garden of Gethsemane

Betrayal and Trial of Christ

Events of the Cross, and Immediately after

Sayings of Christ on the Cross

While Christ hung on the Cross

Christ’s Agony and Suffering on the Cross

Between Christ’s death and Resurrection

 Christ’s Descent into Hell

Christ’s Appearance


Christ’s Visit to the Father


Christ’s Resurrection


Importance or Meaning of the Cross


Our “Cross Bearing” after the Image of Christ’s Bearing His Cross

General teaching on Death

Christ’s Descent into Hell

The basic idea here is NOT that Christ preached the gospel to the unsaved in hell (thinking that would justify a second chance), but rather, Christ went to that compartment of hell (Sheol) which is know as Abraham’s bosom, or Paradise, and fully explained the details of salvation to those believers awaiting their redemption.

Special Topic: Atonement-Propitiation

Sermons on Holy Week

A lot of the sermons are above in their categories. Those general type sermons will be listed here below.

Note: This is a seasonal post, and as such, it will be on the “front page” of our site, www.twmodules.com, untill after Easter. Searching on “Easter” will help you find it later on if you wish to return to it.

Peace By The Cross

idx: Death of Christ

Idx: Old Testament Introduction

Posted by David Cox on November 27, 2022
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Idx: Old Testament Introduction

Old Testament Introduction deals with the particulars of each book of the Bible, its human author, situation, date, etc.