Septuagint – The Septuagint (abbreviated LXX) is a Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament Scriptures done in Egypt around 200 years before the birth of Christ. It is called Septuagint (LXX or 70) because supposedly the Egyptian Jews undertook the project of translating the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek, and selected 6 rabbis of note from each of the 12 tribes to do so. These 72 men (we do not know why it is later reduced to 70) entered separate quarters to undertake the task, and when finished they all came out with identical translations (as so goes the story). Of important note, Christ and the New Testament at times quotes the Septuagint over the Hebrew Scriptures (and at times they preferred to undertake a direct translation of the Hebrew against the Septuagint). The important point here is that they used a translation that was not “best” in all verses, and directly translated from the originals at times, and at other times used that popular translation.

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