Introduction to a Study on Church Truth (Gibbs Bibliology)

Introduction to a Study on Church Truth (Gibbs Bibliology)
By Alfred P. Gibbs

This is a general work on Church Truth by renown author Alfred P. Gibbs. He has written a good work on preaching.

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Content of Introduction to a Study on Church Truth (Gibbs Bibliology)

I. The necessity for such a study of Church truth
1. The utter confusion which obtains in Christendom
2. How this confusion came into existence
3. The further developments of this confusion
4. The present order of things
II. The value of such a study of Church truth to every Christian
1. The problem stated
2. The problem faced
3. The problem solved

Biography of Alfred P Gibbs

Gibbs BibliologyAlfred P. Gibbs was born in Birmingham, England in 1890 and was raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was led to a saving knowledge of Christ by his twin brother, Edwin. During World War I, Gibbs served as military chaplain, preaching to soldiers in training camps. In 1919 he set off for Moody Bible School in Chicago, Illinois. There he soon became involved in an assembly operated Rescue Mission. Gibbs worked alongside Harold Harper, T.B. Gilbert, James G. Humphrey, and other men destined to become well known in assembly circles of ministry. Gibbs became close friends with George Landis, who at that time pastored a small denominational church.

Alfred P. Gibbs never married. Like J. N. Darby, he lived out of a suit-case. Most of his writings were devoted to teaching young believers. He served part time for many years with, the then Emmaus Bible School. In1931 he published a songbook with music and words of his own composition. He also contributed several hymns to “Choice Hymns Of The Faith”, and “Hymns of Worship and Remembrance.” One of his most memorable hymns was “A Thousand Thousand Thanksgivings”, and also “Sweet Is The Story.”

More Biography

Although an earnest preacher of the gospel, he was best known for his work with children. Gibbs was called home to glory through an automobile accident in 1967. Following the accident, an entire issue of Letters Of Interest was devoted to him. Reminiscences of him were written by several well known brethren including his brother Edwin, Bill McCartney, Elliot Van Ryn, T.B. Gilbert, Lester Wilson, William MacDonald, and Lloyd Walterick. A.P. Gibbs will be remembered as a great preacher of the gospel, and a loving friend to all children he met in his entire lifetime.

1. The Lord’s Supper 2. The Preacher and His Preaching 3. Scriptural Principles of Gathering 4. Worship, The Christian’s Highest Occupation

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